Sunday, January 25, 2015

OK, ok, ok

Kerm here,
So we have been a bunch of slackers by not posting as of late.  Chris has been doing only social media and I have been just lazy as far as the blog goes.  Here's the update:

Currently we are sitting in Bimini waiting for a weather window to start moving again.   We have been here since last Wednesday and it looks like this coming Thursday is the go day.  8 days here is a bit much but I ain't go'n out in 5 to 6's on the beam. 

There has been a lot of progress here in Bimini, well, at least at the northern end of north Bimini.  The casino has been expanding with lodging, a cruise ship landing and marina expansion.  This will all mean jobs for the population here and hopefully the town will transform from 3rd world standards to a somewhat modern little town.  They deserve it. 

So, onward on Thursday.  It's a two day trip to Nassau and one more to the Exumas but we're kinda thinking that we might stop in the Berries for awhile on the way.  We'll see, there are three days to think about it.

The Loop was a wonderful thing as we met so many people who are living the same life style as us.  Here in Bimini are two other boats that we met along the way and it looks like we will be traveling with them again come Thursday.  It's a small world.  "Docktails" tonight to form a plan with them.

The boat is running well with just the normal hiccups and maintenance.  Water heater relief valve leaking that dumped at least 40 gallons of precious fresh water before I caught it , exhaust elbow leaking around a bad gasket, etc. 

A guy finds a magic lantern on the beach here in Bimini and rubs it.  A genie appears and offers one wish.  The guy says I thought it was supposed to be 3 wishes.  The genie says "times are rough, what is your wish."  The guy says " I wish for world peace".  The genie says,  "come on, give me something easier,  something for yourself".  The guy thinks about it for a minute and says " I want everything broken on my boat fixed".  The genie responds " let's talk about the world peace thing again".

Patrick and Linda are doing well on the Belle.  It was a bit tight to begin with but now that we are getting into a routine it is working out quite well.  I have no complaints and look forward to our travels together. 

I will try to send some pictures the next post.

We will have e-mail while here in Bimini.  


  1. Just got caught up on your blog... Love the genie story, LOL. We are in boot key harbor, marathon, this year.